What’s the best way to send my mail?
That depends upon your needs. Now that we’ve made Confirmation Services available with your DM™ series mailing system, we recommend that you reassess your mailing usage. All non-critical, and non-time critical letters and packages can be sent via standard mail.

If you need to know the package was received, or who signed for it, Confirmation Services provide a convenient and cost effective alternative to express services, so long as your letter or package does not need to arrive for two to three days.

We recommend that you reassess how quickly your letter or package needs to arrive and how much you could save by using Priority Mail(R) with Confirmation Services.

What are USPS Confirmation Services?

Confirmation Services include Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation, and Certified Mail.

Why should I use Confirmation Services?

Savings and convenience.

When do I use Confirmation Services?

Use Delivery Confirmation with Priority Mail® to know when and where your package was delivered.

Use Signature Confirmation with Priority Mail® to know when, where, and who signed for your package.

Use Certified Mail with first class letters to provide legal proof of delivery.

How do I track the packages?

Each barcode label that you use with Confirmation Services contains a tracking code that you will enter into your DM™ Series Mailing System. After you have sent the letter or package, simply go to the Pitney Bowes Web site or USPS Web site and use the online tracking systems, available 24/7.

How much do Confirmation Services cost?
You will be charged a monthly fee of $15 that will appear on your DM™ Series Mailing System invoices. Your savings will likely be greater.

How much could the typical customer save?

The typical customer could save $50 per month. That’s a total savings of $600 per year. Many customers will save even more. Please use our online savings calculator to find out how much you could save.

Can I still use express services such as FedEx, Airborne, and UPS?

Absolutely. If you need to send a package overnight, there are none better.

How do I purchase Confirmation Services?

Sign up online or call 1 800 XXX XXXX.